Car won't start, mechanic says engine gone on 2001 Vanden Plas - no warning signs on 2001 Jaguar Vanden Plas

Purchased this vehicle about three(3) years ago(2007)with almost 50,000 miles. Currently vehicle has 82,000 miles. Literally, I drove the car on Monday with no problems, on Tuesday it would not start; had it towed to repair shop, they informed me that the engine is gone - no compression??? How can this happen without any warning? I was told this model had some engine issues and the dealer would replace the engine as long as the mechanic shows receipts for regular oil changes and verifies the engine problems. Help!!!

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I know this is an old post, but this just happened to me in the same model. It took my mechanic four days of trying to get it started by putting some oil in each of the cylinders. Your mechanic probably told you the car was flooded too. This can happen in these engines if the car is started and then turned off before fully warming up. The next time you go to start it, it won't start, no compression so the engine turns so freely that it feels like the starter isn't even engaging. The loss of compression is because the flooding has was washed all the oil out between the cylinder walls and the pistons. It can be very hard to start again, but once it is started it's like it never happened. The Jaguar dealership told me it will probably never happen again, but I'm buying a newer model with a newer engine design. Can't be paranoid every time I start my car!