1998 Saturn SL1 Q&A

1998 Saturn SL1 Question: car won't start has full power can hear a faint click

3 days ago went to the auto parts store to get something when i left the house it started and ran fine when i left the store it wouldn't start at all but i still had all power i bumped started it to get home it ran fine when i was in the garage i turned it off for a few then tried to start it and it did the same thing didn't start but had power i changed the starter relay and checked the battery, cables, & connections. i can hear a faint click when i try to start it now do you know whats the problem with my car -
Answer 1
it sounds like you hear the starter soloniod clicking. the starter motor is the problem. replace it and you should be good to go. Roy -
Answer 2
mine just started doing the exact same thing. starts fine in the morning as it gets hot pretty soon it wont start just the clicking of the cylinoid. -