Toyota 4Runner Problem Report

Toyota 4Runner Car Won't Start Due to Worn/Corroded Solenoid Contacts in Starter

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If the car will not start, the most likely problem is worn or corroded solenoid contacts in the starter. Usually, these parts can be replaced without purchasing a new starter.

Randomly my 4Runner will not start.lights work just a clicking noise when I turn the key. -
Had the 2007 SR5 3 days...bought used but real clean and well taken care of. Starter just clicks when trying to crank. Can start fine with a jump. Battery checks fine. Even a new 800cca battery will not work. Changed starter no fix. Ground is good - suspect the power wire from battery to starter is high resistance but contacts are good. No cross shorting between power/ground. Getting power cable today. Fingers crossed!!! -
Car would start sometimes and sometimes not. Then it never started again. I got the starter replaced and it runs good as new! -
Same identical problem. Went 2 months after replacing ignition switch as recommended on another site. Worked great for those 2 months then fail to start went for 3 days. Then morning of 4th day of start failure we scheduled to have it towed... it started! Electric fine and all works except no cranking at all. Will work for a few days or weeks then not turn a crank. Then next day fine. Again all other electrical works including dash lights, radio, alarm and lights/wipers. Just wont crank. -
Only the problem for now; car has been working just fine. Then, when trying to start it this morning: NOTHING. No turn-over, not even a click. Lights all work, so battery seems fine, which likely means the alternator is alright as well. Going to check connections and STA fuse under hood, then likely have to get a new solenoid. -
$500 new starter…. Dealer was worthless… insisting it was the battery and refused warranty coverage (aftermarket warranty) -
The problem started with requiring 2-3 attempts to get the starter to turn over. Clicking sound could be heard, like a dying battery, but the starter would not turn over. The problem got worse and within weeks 3-15 attempts were required before the starter would turn over. Took it to Toyota and was told the solenoid and starter were one unit and the starter needed replacement ... $700.00 solution. -
Worn solenoid was replaced due to intermittent issues starting vehicle. -
Out of the blue the Truck would sometimes start but it would take approximately 2 try's at 7 turns each try. Ran great for a week straight no issues, got a full tank of gas last night - this morning before work, truck wouldn't start. Random as hell but glad I found this site, I'll try getting a new solenoid. Fingers crossed! -
Dealer replaced the contacts, I did not need a new starter -
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