car won't start but battery ok on 2001 BMW 330i

my car will not start but the battery is ok. Whwn I try and start it the power comes on but nothing happens. It will not even turn over

by in Atlanta, GA on February 15, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 15, 2009
Double check that battery.
ANSWER by on February 15, 2009
Check the battery connections to see if they are clean and secure. Check the battery voltage is 12.6 volts if you don't have a volt meter turn on the head lights are they bright? Try turning the ignition switch with the lights on do you hear a click or do the lights dim? That would show the ignition switch is trying to supply power to the starter. It is obviously something electrical perhaps the starter has failed, neutral safety switch, ignition switch, too many things it could be.
ANSWER by on June 03, 2009
use your spare key . some times the key goes bad . If that does not work ,then the signal from the starter to the engine could be failing they will change out the box. YOu give them your lisence and they send in to BMW for the part ( I changed out the box because i was afraid that i would get stuck some where , in fact it was just my key going bad as I had the problem again , this time I used my spare key to start it and it started right up . )
COMMENT by on February 12, 2012
2002 BMW 330i when to it yesterday and nothing would not turn over pushed it because it is standard and nothing would not turn over. took battery cables off reset the computor by waiting 15 min. before putting cable back on waiting 19 min. before turning key on but still no fire. Checked everything do not have spare key. Do you think it is the key and do you have to pay 200 to 300 for a key from the dealer. Where is the box you talked about going to the starter?
ANSWER by on May 22, 2010
Had this exact problem. Replaced the battery and still the lights would come on but car would not turn over. Then read the answer here from doral and yep.... the spare key started it right up. I'd try this first. Bet my original battery was fine.
ANSWER by on September 28, 2010
ANSWER by on February 18, 2011
Had the same problem with my 2006, had to have the starter replaced.
ANSWER by on June 13, 2012
ya same problem in my truck its the starter . but it could be a burnt wire like i had in myn which fried the stater.
ANSWER by on April 18, 2014
2006 bimmer 330i. Battery is ok (verified by AAA). Could not start. Well, had starter motor ( Bosch remanufactured) replaced for $500.

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