Cadillac Seville STS Problem Report

Cadillac Seville STS Car Won't Start and Security Light is On

(28 reports)

Problems with anti-theft systems using the raised-chip key can prevent the car from starting. The wires in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder tend to break. The key and ignition lock cylinder should be replaced to correct this condition.

car wont start but the security light keeps lighting up -
Anti theft system saying car may not start problem with the theft system -
car wont start anti theft system -
Every once in a while, I will go to start the car and it will start and turn right back off, and security light comes on! -
Last night car started fine now it won't start atall. It won't even turn over and there's this non-stop dinging sound even with the keys out and the door closed. And its a brand-new battery like 3 days old -
Car will not start , no doorlocks,no radio,or Windows doesn't work security light stays on . -
antitheft problems -
Still waiting to get it fixed -
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