Car Won't Start and Security Light is On on Oldsmobile 88

Problems with anti-theft systems using the raised-chip key can prevent the car from starting. The wires in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder tend to break. The key and ignition lock cylinder should be replaced to correct this condition.

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Average mileage: 399,883 (20,000–9,800,000)
10 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
69 people reported this problem
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I try to start my car but it never wonts to turn over i thought it was my starter found out it was my anti theft system how do i override it
1997 Oldsmobile 8897,735
Car security Light flashes when turn key to start Have Interlock on car..had the Lifesaver Tech check their system and He told Me it was the Anti-Theft System that was preventing the car to start Is there a recall for this problem even afer All the years passed Have owned the Car 6.5 yrs this being 1st this problem occured
went in store came out car wont even turn over security light flashing new starter still wont engagevery odd?
1999 Oldsmobile 88160,000
At times the car will not start and the security light comes on. Have to turn the key to the 'almost start' position and let it 'reread' the key. When the security light finally goes off the car will start. Some times it takes only a couple of minutes, sometimes you will be sitting in the cold or blazing heat for approximately 10 minutes. This definately needs recalled!
1992 Oldsmobile 88150,000
My car wont start security. Light flashing
Same here,here's what to do,check ohms resistance resistor in key.I called an electronics place that sold me all the possible resistors for that car.There is a kit with 15 resistors,pick one that matches key,connect between 2white wires.This bypasses the need for contacts in switch and resistor in key.INTERSTATE ELECTRONICS IN HAZLET NJ knew just what I needed,AND ONLY COST 5 BUCKS FOR KIT.
The anto theft sysytem wont allow the car to turn over, I recently bought a 1990 honda civic with a anti theft security system once it goes off theres no luck in getting the vehicle to start. Any suggestions that could help me with this issue?
1996 Oldsmobile 88168,979
Security light is flashing and car will not turn over how do I fix it
Same problem. Car would not start and sometimes not even turn over. Was told anti theft system was the problem. Tried new key and that worked for a short period of time. Finally bought a bypass module from and installed it myself in just over 1 hour. Problem solved!
1999 Oldsmobile 88150,000
anti theft system wont let car start.
1998 Oldsmobile 88160,000
My 98 randomly would not start it was fine and dandy then boom go to turn it over made a single click noise wouldn't start...replaced battery alternator and starter Still nothing. Did some research kept telling ppl to check my wires no1 would listen car Sat for almost 2yrs til my cousin reset the computer and it started right up....This whole time I'm pretty sure it's the security system. In the 6 days I've been driving it it has left me stranded twice 1st time same issue go to start it single click noise no starting guy scrapes some rust off my battery connectors hooks it back up starts immediately....(don't no if that was a quawinkydink or not) it's fine for 2 days then I'm driving down the rd and it starts randomly dinging a constant dinging I see my break light is on so I pull into a parking lot thinking maybe some how my E break got pushed down. Made this mistake of turning my car off b.c E break wasn't the issue went to turn it on I had ZERO power no lights no nothing try to jump it off several times no life pushed it into a parking spot it started making a constant clicking so I tried again it started for 5 seconds then died. So naturally I figured alternator took battery out charged it for an hr put it in it started immediately but still had that constant ding noise ran to auto shop battery is fine alternator is fine no issues reading on computer thing so they said chances are it's security issue/ is the easiest cheapest way to fix this issue were is this security key thing ppl keep talking about b.c I see no security button or key on my car.
1995 Oldsmobile 8890,000
key turns over engine but fails to start some system keeps the fuel injectors from getting fuel..i pull out key and wait 10 minutes for so, and it runs...
1999 Oldsmobile 8848,500
Security light is on, and car will not turn over. Replaced the started. Hope its not that awesome plastic intake that GM produced, as it was replaced at the dealer less than 7000 miles and one year ago at the cost of 1000.oo
1996 Oldsmobile 8889,000
security light is blinking (perhaps always did) and when I turn the key to start the car, the gas gauge goes all the way up and that's it.
1994 Oldsmobile 88150,000
I began to have problems starting the car. I would turn the key and the car would click, no engine turnover. I noticed the SECURITY light flashing and read about the problem. Then after a couple tries the car would start. This went on for a couple months, now it won't start at all.
The same thing happened to me. I have to have the whole ignition lock cylinder replaced. its gonna cost me 425 at ron goodmons auto repair
1996 Oldsmobile 8896,000
car randomly won't start. usually starts on the second try, but occasionally takes 5 minutes or more.
1997 Oldsmobile 8840,500
just jiggling key to start til that doesn't work anymore
1994 Oldsmobile 88140,000
My was running find just cut off one day while driving never got it drunk again its turning over but won't catch
1999 Oldsmobile 88160,000
Same thing my security system goes off not allowing me to start the vehicle.... Happened to me once I called and had a keyless entry installed that was not the problem... Then the sears keyless entry guy knew wat to do I had a wire hanging by the emergency brake with a button attached to it don't ask how it got there because I couldn't tell you he pressed it then told me to start the car no start then he pressed and held it while I was starting the car and it started right up... Here it is not even two weeks later happening again no matter if I use the key or the keyless entry every time I try the car just won't start and security system just keeps going off now I'm thinking that it was just luck with the guy from Sears because it is not working for me... This has definitely got to be an electrical problem... I need some other answers I just bought the car and barely have even used it the car runs excellent when driving but this is the only problem I have... I have tried all other solutions (unlock & lock) doors wait ten mins crap does not work it been going on for days it's so nerve wrecking that I had to take the horn fuse out to stop the noise but the system still goes off smh I'm back and updating kept playing with it and it started... Idk if it's luck or not but the wire with the button is what I played with... Instead of just trying to start the car this time I wiggled the key while it was on start position while pressing that button and it started right up I have a 2001 Oldsmobile intrigue and if you have the same type of wire that I'm talking about(I wish I could upload a pic for you guys) it is connected to som wires that are connected to somewhere underneath the steering wheel..just play with it is all I can say... Will see how long this works smh but GM is a piece of crap and they know dang well they need to do a recall
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