Oldsmobile 88 Problem Report

Oldsmobile 88 Car Won't Start and Security Light is On

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Problems with anti-theft systems using the raised-chip key can prevent the car from starting. The wires in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder tend to break. The key and ignition lock cylinder should be replaced to correct this condition.

Same here,here's what to do,check ohms resistance resistor in key.I called an electronics place that sold me all the possible resistors for that car.There is a kit with 15 resistors,pick one that matches key,connect between 2white wires.This bypasses the need for contacts in switch and resistor in key.INTERSTATE ELECTRONICS IN HAZLET NJ knew just what I needed,AND ONLY COST 5 BUCKS FOR KIT. -
At times the car will not start and the security light comes on. Have to turn the key to the 'almost start' position and let it 'reread' the key. When the security light finally goes off the car will start. Some times it takes only a couple of minutes, sometimes you will be sitting in the cold or blazing heat for approximately 10 minutes. This definately needs recalled! -
Car security Light flashes when turn key to start Have Interlock on car..had the Lifesaver Tech check their system and He told Me it was the Anti-Theft System that was preventing the car to start Is there a recall for this problem even afer All the years passed Have owned the Car 6.5 yrs this being 1st this problem occured -
My car wont start security. Light flashing -
Same problem. Car would not start and sometimes not even turn over. Was told anti theft system was the problem. Tried new key and that worked for a short period of time. Finally bought a bypass module from Newrockies.com and installed it myself in just over 1 hour. Problem solved! -
went in store came out car wont even turn over security light flashing new starter still wont engagevery odd? -
I try to start my car but it never wonts to turn over i thought it was my starter found out it was my anti theft system how do i override it -
security light is blinking (perhaps always did) and when I turn the key to start the car, the gas gauge goes all the way up and that's it. -
The same thing happened to me. I have to have the whole ignition lock cylinder replaced. its gonna cost me 425 at ron goodmons auto repair -
Security light is on, and car will not turn over. Replaced the started. Hope its not that awesome plastic intake that GM produced, as it was replaced at the dealer less than 7000 miles and one year ago at the cost of 1000.oo -
car randomly won't start. usually starts on the second try, but occasionally takes 5 minutes or more. -
just jiggling key to start til that doesn't work anymore -
security system locks car even when you're driving down the road it shuts off. Very dangerous. -
Car would not start. I took it to the mechanic and he replaced starter and did other repairs and I still had the same problem. I googled care problems with the 88 olds and it said anti-theft system that uses raised chip key .So I tried a key that I seldom used and it started the car. I took it to the dealer and told them what I thought the problem was and they fixed it. the car works find. I now have over 170,000 miles on the car and it's running just find.lock cylinder was replaced and I got new key. -
My car is having this same issue and is in repair now. It's just that the person I bought the car from only had one key and no spare ignition key. The key we have is worn and the dealers can't seem to be able to cut what we need to get the vehicle started. We are trying to see if the owner had a spare and if not can the dealer use the VIN too create another master key to this ignition! -
im currently waiting on my security light to turn off i have my key in the ignition right now fingers crossed -
Car wont start and security light is blinking -
Car won't start, due to alarm system.... -
The same as you the security light flashes. -
will not start have to wait 3 to 15 minutes and then it will start.. -
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