Cadillac Eldorado Problem Report

Cadillac Eldorado Car Won't Start and Security Light is On

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Problems with anti-theft systems using the raised-chip key can prevent the car from starting. The wires in the steering column to the ignition lock cylinder tend to break. The key and ignition lock cylinder should be replaced to correct this condition.

had a problem with the security auto theft, had it bypassed and it works perfect now -
Car Won't Start and Security Light is On how to fix it what 3 min 2 min 1 min start car -
car wont start.message says wait 3 min then start,but it dont work just repeats message. -
my wires were not broke, but the chip on the key was worn and did not read the same resistance anymore :( fix under $5!! disconnect your cars battery. use a ohmn meter and read your keys ohmn's one needle on one side of the metal stripe on the the key and the other needle reader on the back(other) side of the key. making sure the needles are ONLY on each side on the little (LITTLE) metal strip. I used a vise to hold my key. see what the ohmn is. Then go to radio shack and get a pack of cheap resistors and twisting them in a line not a side by side and get the same resistance as you did on your key. to verify recheck key and then check the line you made by putting the needle on one end and the the other needle on the other. if you get the same number now GREAT if not redo your line of resistors til you do. now then under your steering wheel column find a wire that is white its REAL skinny it goes all the way up to your key. splice it CAREFULLY! for it holds two wires a yellow one and an orange one they are skinny like a bread tye wire! or a thick thread! carefully for one is the AIR BAG WIRE! check this but I remember its the yellow for the airbag. and you want to splice your line into the orange wire. keeping it in line while you tye it in not side by side and not looped just _______*________*_________ so its like that the * is where two resistors are link together. now tape it with elec tape and your key should now work again! and the security still works too! this worked on my 2000 eldorado cadillac did it 02/2011! hope this helps! -
car wont start due problemm with anti-theft system -
for a couple days it would simply not start at all; no turnover just total silence upon turning key; after triple aaa was called then it simply started back up after sitting about 45 minutes on both occasions; took it to a garage they could not figure it out; took it to the dealership; both places said they could not figure it until the car decided to not start again; a frustrating 2 full days waste of time; however, (knock on wood!), it has been fine ever since like it never happened! i checked everything i could including security system, battery, starter,keys and extra keys,key chip, you name it,etc. it's fine now. weird. turned my life upside down for a couple days. -
car won't start. starter is disable, due to theft system -
message comes on but can be cancelled by info reset. -
Car wouldn't start, had security issue. Had ignition changed out but still getting the same security message. -
I actually got it to start once, but idk if it was because I hit the reset button at the info center or some other reason. Maybe? -
I have a 325i 1995 the ignition turns over but will not start and theft keep flashing -
starting disabled due to theft system -
my car wont start due to anti theft system -
have had this problem (2) times in last 6 years. -
Same problem as above. No solution -
Car won't start because of anti theft system -
engine will not engage when battery has full charge.? -
car will not start at all unless i let it sit for atleast an hour; sometimes i get lucky and if i jiggle the keys it will start; had it diagnosed at caddy dealership but they found nothing ; everything turns on but the engine is completely silent; no sound at all totally dead -
Car wouldn't start - shop installed a reman alternator; 2 weeks later car wouldn't start - shop replaced the battery; 2 weeks later car wouldn't start - took it in Monday and it's still there. I will tell the shop that others of this model are having trouble with anti theft. This car's steering column was taken out and rekeyed due to a theft 5 years ago. The load leveler has been detatched, the gas gauge doesn't work for whatever reason and it lives for the most part with the service engine on...... although I can get it to go off if I start it gently and not rev the engine so the throttle body sensor can do its job. -
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