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1992 Honda Accord Question: car wont start at all after a new distributor

i have changed every thing that would make it not start ie the distributor the coil main relay and the ecu and still nothing -
Answer 1
It gets down to the 2 main things to check. Do you have spark? And, Do you have fuel? Also, when you Crank your car over, is the camshaft turning? You can check this by removing the oil cap and looking at the cam shaft. You can check for fuel by spraying some carb cleaner in to the throttle body and seeing if the car tries to start. -
Comment 1
i have fuel and it turns over just has no spark i have come to belive that the new distributor was bad -
Answer 2
Spark plug ignigtor.. -
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I have replaced the whole distributer,main relay,coil pack,plugs and wires and still no fire or fuel all my fuses are good all this started after the head gasket blew and was replaced head was sent...