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1999 Chrysler Cirrus Question: Car won't start after engine died

Was driving home yesterday and when I hit brakes at a stop something happened to my car. I went to accelerate and I heard a rattling noise from the engine. The more I pressed the accelerator, the louder the noise, and it felt as though I really had to press the gas to get acceleration. I pulled over and looked under the hood. Smoke was coming from the right upper side of the engine block, not near the water or oil. There was a slight oil and fluid leak underneath. I had it towed home. Now it will turnover, but it won't start. What is this problem? -
Answer 1
I do not know what the problem is as I cannot inspect your vehicle. From your description, it sounds like you overheated the engine, however like I said, I cannot visually inspect the vehicle. I suggest you take the vehicle to your local repair facility http://repairpal.com/directory?address=91011&car_brand_names=Chryslerfor inspection and diagnosis. Here is a link for repair shops in yor area: -