Car won't start on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

2005 Sebring convertible. Will not start. Battery has been replaced. Mechanic is saying we need to replace the computer. Any other ideas?

by in East Greenbush, NY on February 07, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 07, 2011
No way for anyone to be able to tell you anything from the information in your message. It's possible that the computer is faulty, but why did you replace the battery, was it having a hard time cranking? The computer wouldn't have anything to do with that. I'd say, find out why the mechanic wants to replace the computer. If the engine cranks well and won't start, there are many reasons why it could be that aren't that the computer is faulty. You may want a second opinion from a Chrysler specialist. If you don't trust your guy or you think he's shooting in the dark, a computer is an expensive item and you don't want to buy one if that's not the problem. Here's a directory link for you:
COMMENT by on February 07, 2011
Sorry, just got more information from my husband....It would not start, so he hooked it up with jumper cable to his truck. He was able to start it while hooked to jumper cable, but it would not stay running. DId this 5 times. The sixth time, the car would no longer even turn over or even click. The mechanic has said that the battery is not the issue. Also, this car does not have a century key. Evidentally that is one of the things the mechanic says the computer is looking for. The computer is expecting a century key and this car did not come with one.
COMMENT by on February 07, 2011
I would contact the dealer give him the vin number and let them look it up and see if that car needs a century key first and if it does see if they can get one for you. But if it starts and just shuts off it could be an alternater maybe and you said now it won't even turn over you might have burnt up the starter.
ANSWER by on February 18, 2011
I had the same issue with my 2005 chrysler sebring. i did have to replace the computer for around $1000.00. then that one was bad as well. I got another one that has worked fine for the last year. try going to a junk yard and pulling one, a lot cheaper.
COMMENT by on February 21, 2011
We did end up having to replace the computer. It somehow got reprogrammed to think the car needed a century key....You should go back to your dealer and question the warranty. This car is a 2005 with around 35,000 miles on it. After doing some research, Chrysler said that this WAS covered under warranty and we did not have to pay a penny to get a new computer. Worth checking out. Thanks for the repsonse.
COMMENT by on March 14, 2015
I'm having the same exact problem with mine. It the starter sylanoid that went out. Cost about 12 bucks but since they make the starter so hard go get to it's more time mechanic take to replace the parts so much more money to have it fixed cost ya around 270 to have it repaired. Good luck to all who bought chrysler vehicles they kinda Suck.
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