1998 Buick Park Avenue Q&A

1998 Buick Park Avenue Question: car wont start

gages jump around when you try to start it but it wont start checked battery told it could be computer problem -
Answer 1
I would check the basics first. When an engine wont start, there are a couple of things you must check. 1. Spark at the spark plugs 2. Fuel pressure from the fuel pump 3. Fuel injectors are operating correctly (opening). 4. Engine timing is correct (cam-crankshaft timing and ignition timing) You'll find there will be a problem with one of these, once you identify it then diagnose the circuit or system accordingly. -
Comment 1
is all digital it is getting spark and gas but still wont start gauges jump around -
Answer 2
I have the same problem seems to be something with computer -
Answer 3
make sure it is in park all the way.nutral safety switch -
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