car won't start on 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

In your response if the engine turns over....I think it does. i turn the key and the engine won't kick over.

by in Garden Grove, CA on June 27, 2009
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ANSWER by on June 27, 2009
If something is staying on with the car switched off it can cause a parasitic draw on the battery, The starter needs 10 to 12 volts to start, (lower voltage causes higher amperage draw by the starter and can damage the starter).. Check the battery voltage before you try to start the car, get someone to crank the car for you with a voltmeter across the battery the battery voltage should not drop bellow 9 or 10 volts, when you release the ignition key the battery voltage should recover to 12 or 12.6 volts if the battery is good. When you try to start the car get someone to look at the headlights with the lights turned on do they stay bright or dim (or light at all) ? If they dim the starter is drawing current if they don't dim a little the starter is not getting energized. Voltage drop could be caused by bad battery connections, ensure they are clean and secure. Have your battery charged and load tested ? Try to start your car start using jumper cables and jump start the car off another vehicle? Before jumping to conclusions you need to confirm the battery, battery cables, and starter are good. You need a wiring diagram good voltmeter and start doing voltage tests and volt drop tests on circuits.
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