Car won't start on 2005 Cadillac STS

My car will randomly not start. This began happing this week. What it does is that when I press the start button the car sounds as if it is trying to start but will not start. The dash goes blank for about 20 seconds and then everything comes on. Two days ago it would not start and so i left it overnight and tried again and it started. Now today it is not starting again. All relays are good and the battery is brand new. There are no security warnings either so I don't think that is the problem. Please help

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Based on what you said I would start out by checking connections. You may have a loose connection on the battery cable or at the starter. With out looking at it I cannot be sure but that is a cheap way to eliminate some possibilities.
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Many things could be happening, without being there I can only give you my guesses, first how's the alternator? Fuel pump/filter, check it to see if there's pressure.
Most auto parts stores will check your alternator for free, check out the places nearest to you.
hope this helps as a starting point
Thanks..I just found a recall out with someone having a simlar issue. This is it "Customer Satisfaction Recall 05524A"...Do you think that this is a legit recall?
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