1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass Q&A

1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass Question: car wont start

reflashed a used computer did 10 min relearn still wont starttheft light on steady not flashing whats next step? -
Answer 1
used units are never a good idea. was it flashed on the car or off the car?? Roy -
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had to go used new was 500$ hate goin that route have to do it sometimes was flashed off the car gave them vin had it flashed.work in automotive last 18 years done this many times first time had this problem and its with my personal car. go figure it came out of a 99 malibu which is basicly the same car just with a chey symbol instead of an olds symbol. if used computer was bad it wouldnt of flashed ran into that before with a cadillac.thanks for your replay. -
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if the unit was bad. re flashing will not work. if you still have your old unit, check for a re man unit from the dealer. around here they are 300 plus original gm core only \ Roy -
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jus got it to fire. it runs fantastic thanks for ur support.have a problem with my 99 neon if youd like to help with that. -
Answer 2
who diag the computor issue. do you have fuel pressure.spark and compression. used parts are just that used and may not be reliable -
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i diag computer issue . worked in autmotive field last 18 years. got fuel and compression. now n0o spark cause theft system is engaged. light not flashing its on steady.tried releard procedure. theft light never goes out. havent ran into this probelm before on the other cars ive had flashed. repair manuels not much help. -
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can you unplug pats module and by paas anti theft to confirm -
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u have benn an awesome help got it to fire n run it runs fantastic. thank you very much. -
Answer 3
look in your engin for the fuses and there should be a 10 amp fuse tht is blown replace that and ur car should start hope this helps -
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Car has been running for months now. Ill keepthis in mind if i run into this problem again. Thanks -
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