Car won't start on 2005 Mazda Tribute

I started my car this afternoon to move it so I could clean the inside. I went to move it back to its original place, it started but lasted only a second and died. It hasn't started since. I did not clean the outside so water in the engine is not an issue.

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There could be a few causes, but none are common. Does the vehicle have electrical power -- cranks but doesn't start? If so, you can eliminate the battery and starting/charging system. Sounds ridiculous but don't take it that way: make sure you have fuel. Is there a chance you may have bumped something so that the inertia switch tripped? (which cuts off fuel supply and is located in the right side lower kick panel by the passenger door under the dash) Access that panel and see if the button needs pressed to reset it. Other than that, you probably need a diagnosis to check for fuel and spark.
Good call. I found the switch and Viola! it worked. Thank you so much Dave. And yes, the tank is full.