1993 Ford Tempo Q&A

1993 Ford Tempo Question: car wont start

was driving car died now wont start acts like it wants to but doesnt -
Answer 1
buckyluv, Sorry to hear about your vehicle troubles. Unfortunately a crank-no-start issue on a Tempo is not terribly rare. Fortunately, they are quite repairable. I am thinking either a TFI ignition module (Thick Film Ignition -- mounted on the distributor...very common for failure...) causing a loss of spark, or a fuel pump failure, causing a loss of fuel to the engine. A reputable shop should be able to assist easily. Here's a link to some in your area. Good luck! http://repairpal.com/directory?address=68502&car_brand_names=Ford -
Answer 2
try replacing the big black box with all the wires going to it that is where the fuel pump relay is if u tap it it should start -
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