car wont start on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

the car starts cold runs fine at idle in driveway for about 10 mins then just dies and will not start back up for a while

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There quite a number of item that can cause your Cutlass Ciera to stall. Crank shaft position sensor, ignition module, air flow sensor, engine control module just to name a few. You are lucky that the engine does not start right back up when it stalls. During the time when the engine will not start it should be fairly easy to diagnose the problem. If you cannot perform the no start diagnosis by your self you may need the help of a qualified technician. Instead of just guessing and replacing parts, paying someone to properly diagnose this problem my save you money in the long run.
i have one thats getting fire and has 40 pounds of fuel pressure but when u cut it off it want crank back i replaced the crank sensor and ignition module i kinda think i got a bad crank sensor cause what its doing it wont let the fuel injectors open u can take one of the injector wires loose n ground it against sumthing and let it spark then hook it back up and the car will crank
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Sounds like the crankshaft postion sensor is bad. These will shut off almost exactly at 10 minutes just like you turned off the key. Wait 15-20 minutes and they will fire right back up like nothing was wrong, but if you don't wait they just crank.
The car has a crank position sensor bad. Some of the ciera's have two sensors and some have one. There is one behind the harmonic balancer and some have one on the bottom side of the motor between the frame.
check the idle air control valve. had the same problem and that fixed it right up.
ignition module go get it tested at advance auto free
It is a bad crank position sensor... It is the only part in the ignition system that will work/fail... NO doubt on this one.