car wont start on 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

i have a problem starting my car.the car thinks its being stolen.I think that its an electrical problem,i have a good battery,fuel,and the fuel pump is working .The car just turns over and over,but will not start.the car is a 2002 chevy malibu.Thanks for your help.

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my car does the same thnig turn the key one click the "theft system" light should come on then shortly after it will start to blink it will blink for almost fifteen minutes half way thorugh this process the light will start to blink faster after the aproximate fifeteen minutes the light will stop blinking and stay lit for just a few seconds then it will turn off the car should start
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if you think it is a security issue, use another key to see if the key is bad.

It is the passlock system - get them to replace the ignition. In the interim, hold the key to "on" for a few seconds - as if you were going to operate the windows while the car is off - once all the dashboard lights come on and you hear the fuel pump, you can start it right up.
Check the fire on the coil or spark plugs to see if u are getting fire to the plugs take the wire of the plug put a scudreiver on the wire tell some body to help u turn the ignition swich on to see if u getting fire ok