Car wont start on 1994 Honda Civic

Well I was currently re-doing my friends timing belt because the car made a knocking noise and we thought that the engine had locked up when it would not start.. well the next day he went ahead and started disconnecting everything and removed the wiring harness, well I he also unbolted one of the ground cables on the car, its a 1.6L SOHC V-Tec and it has 2 ground wires coming off the battery, one bolts on to the body and the second one bolts on to I have no clue where does ant one know where that second cable goes???

by in Garden City, KS on February 06, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on February 06, 2009
I wonder what was the initial problem? Was the knocking sound only on initial start up perhaps attributed to connecting rod bearing problems? To see if the engine had "locked up" it would be best to remove the spark plugs and rotate the engine using a socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt, rotating the engine in its direction of rotation. When removing the timing belt were the components found to be in correct alignment, and the tensioner applying correct tension on the timing belt? The grounds on that engine and battery go from the battery negative terminal to the frame and from the battery terminal to the body. There may be a ground strap that goes from the valve cover to the radiator support panel as well.
ANSWER by on April 13, 2010
the car might be old or you might have a dead battery in the car
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