car won't start on 1998 Saturn SC1

my car won't start unless it is push started (manual transmission) I was told that it is not the starter. at one time i had to replace the valve cover gasket because oil was leaking in. don't know if its related or how to start the car without push starting it

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Customer Concern: Engine will not crank.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Test for 12 volts at the BODY, LOCKS, LIGHTER, and CHIME fuses in the Instrument Panel Junction Block (IPJB).

2. If ALL of these fuses do not have 12 volts on either side, disconnect the Black 68 way connector on the left side of the IPJB.

3. Inspect terminal F5 for overheating. This is a 3 millimeter wire.

4. If the terminal is overheated, replace the terminal.

5. Inspect for melted connector body and heat damage to the IPJB. Replace as necessary.
Potential Causes: Connector — Black 68 way connector at IPJB.
Instrument Panel Junction Block (Ipjb)
Damaged Terminal F5 — Terminal F5 overheated at IPJB.

Tech Tips: The IPJB is at the front of the console.