Car wont Start on 1995 Nissan 200SX

We got a 1995 nissan 200sx and it ran fine. Then one day we were at a Wal-Mart and we came out and it wouldnt even try to start. But we pushed started it and it ran fine. We thought it was the starter. But its not. Now none of the ignition lights come on. And we took it to a mechanic, he worked on it and got it to crank over but not start. We took starter fluid and it started right up. The fuel pump is bad. But now the problem is it wont crank over any more. Could the fuel pump cause the car not to crank over? Its a manual transmission.

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I would look at your Ignition Switch. The fact that the Starter was fine when you could jump it, says to me that the power from the Switch to the Starter may not be working. That would also explain the lights not working when you turn on the key. I would worry first about the Cranking/Ignition Switch problem and then deal with the other issue.

here is site where you can get the wring diagram for testing
Thanks but we have changed the ignition switch. But it has a security System but when we got the car we never got the keyless entry. Could the system shut the car down. Also even when key is on, on most cars you can hear the fuel pump. But when the key is on, you dont hear anything.
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Try replacing the negative battery cable. One day, my 97 200sx SE-R wouldn't start unless we jumped it, but it would run fine once it was running. We found out the negative battery cable had corroded away.
Check your fuses, mine does the same thing, next to the engine there is a fuse box should be a 7.5amp fuse probably burnt out...or the circuit has gone bad happens to a lot of these
Check the lower left ignition wiring harness plug on the backside of the inside fuse/relay box.they are known to melt