Car won't start! on 2002 Ford Escort

My car won't start, but I don't believe it is that battery because the air, lights, and radio still works. Not sure what the problem is. It ran fine the night before. Any suggestions?

by in Houston, TX on April 07, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 07, 2009
First make sure the battery cables are clean and tight and if that does not work then it could be the starter has failed about $200 plus 1 hr labor to install. There are complete instructions to remove and replace the starter at
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my car won't start in park, And now it seems it won't in nuetral, unless i shift the shifter between nuetral and drive while trying to start the car , what can it be?
It started off acting like it was going to die . Now it won't start at all. We have spark, and seems to have fuel- not sure of how much pressure though. It acts like it wants to start, just won't.

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