car wont start on 2007 Dodge Magnum

I was instaling a amp i had my keys in the ignition and the doors open when i went to start it nothing i have replaced the battery still nothing

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is a fuse near the battery is 15 fuse and when u change it it will start
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If you were installing an amp gauge and now the vehicle won't start check the master fuse links perhaps one has blown. Check all you fuses. Does the engine crank over, do you get instrument panel warning lights to illuminate with the key on? Most importantly does the Service Engine Soon/Check Engine Light and battery light come on when the key is turned on. Are the headlights bright if you turn on the lights?
Try jump starting the car hopefully it just has a drained battery.
I have a no start issue with my 06 Dodge magnum. Had to change ignition, recoded key still no start. Can someone give me some appropriate information.