Car won't run when cold on 2004 Lincoln LS

The car starts right up when cold but won't run good at all. If you can keep it running till it worms up, then runs great. Feals like the choke is on but can't blow it out with the accel , becouse it hase elect. gas pedal. Tried and changed the eng. temp. sensor,plugs and cleaned the throtal body. Still no good,the only code I get is( detected misfire) In the summer no problems. Shure would like some help on this codition

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these cars are notorious for vacuum leaks at the upper intake gaskets.When you start it cold run some water along the upper intake until you hear the ominous slurping sound of the water being sucked into the vacuum leak.
Thank you for your advice, but tried it with eather not water and no it did not efect the running of the eng. But something strage happend yesterday,I took a hair dryer and blew it into the cold air intake and the eng. started running almost normal, after a bit it ran real good. The next morning it stared normal and I'ts been normal sence, go figure eh. Let's hope it'l stay that way.......Po dog
You might want to check the mass air flow sensor then. It can become contaminated very easy and will affect the fuel mixture dramatically causing sysmptoms that you are describing.They sell a cleaner for it,but I have used brake clean and it works just as good.