car won't move when trans is in gear on 1992 Ford Taurus

My car won't move when I put the gear selector in any gear, reverse, drive, 2nd or low gear. I have 228K miles on the car but the trans was replaced at about 30K under warranty. I have changed the trans fluid on a regular basis. The rans did not give me any warning of going out like erratic shifting or hesitation. Here is the scenario, I changed the motor oil and filter, brought the car down, started and checked the oil level after I shut off the motor. After topping the oil, started the car, shifted into reverese, no go. I even shifted into drive, no go. Checked the trans fluid level, saw it was a little low but not enough to cause any harm, besides I just drove the car into the garage where I work!!! (One of the bennies our boss gave us) But I had to push the car out, couldn't leave it on the rack. Any help given would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry to see you didn't get an answer to your problem, we get a lot of questions and simply cannot answer them all. Did you need to have the transmission replaced again?