2003 Dodge Neon Q&A

2003 Dodge Neon Question: Car wont go in reverse

My 2003 neon with only 55k miles wont go into reverse? all the other gears work fine but its like reverse does not exist anymore something is blocking it from going down to the right? Sometimes if i play with the clutch or move it from one gear to another i can get it to go but now it wont what could this be? -
Answer 1
could be the shift rail or the shift fork in the trans. hard to tell without seeing it in person. Roy -
Answer 2
on my 03 neon with manul I had to replase the cables thir are robber bussing on each end ,the bussing under the hood ( under the battery )had heat damage. at frist this only efect was reverse then all wer efected . -
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the car drives smoothly but just wont go into reverse... the car was driving fine all day no problems at all but when i tried to back up it just would'nt go in reverse