Car won't crank on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

Car would not crank. We jumped it an initially when turning the key we heard several clicks. Car then started. Had battery tested and it came back showing good. Drove car approximately 300 miles no problem. Stopped for gas again car would not start. Had to jump it again after a couple of times it started again with clicking noise and indicator light that said Engine power reduced.

first of all stop jmping the car. you will damage your computers, if you have not done already.
take it to a shop to find out why. sounds like a possible intermittent connection somewhere. remeber, it wont fix itself. by waiting, more problems can be caused by the problem.

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Hi There,

For all you people out there who can't hear cranks from under the hood when you turn the ignition key, the problem is with your electric starter, or starter motor whatever you want to call it. If you want to check if this is the problem try to have some one give your car a push while keeping it in gear 2 keeping your foot on the clutch until you get enough speed then let go of the clutch gradually if it works then you will have to either buy a new starter or have some one repair it. Those starters have brushes that wear out by time. I have to say this works for standard shift cars, automatic transmission cars won't be pushed. Hope it helps.