car will suddenly die and only can be started by pushing it to a start on 2000 Hyundai Accent

it will suddenly die while driving it. it will turn over but will not start with the starter. i can push it to a start. it pops right off and runs great until the next episode. it has a manual transmission. i was told it needed a new fuel pump so i had one put in but it still does it. there is no rhime or reason when it will die. sometimes will run great for a month and then suddenly die. the next time it will happen every day. when i took it to 2 different mechanics they say they can't fix it because it runs great for them. i even left it 2 weeks with one mechanic who said he drove it everyday with no problem. they say i need to put on new parts until they find out what is causing it. one wants to put on another fuel pump. the other a new main computer. this sounds like a way to rip me off.

by in Pleasant Hill, MO on June 22, 2010
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4 answers
ANSWER by , August 14, 2010
My daughter had a different car that did this. It was the distributor.
ANSWER by , October 16, 2010
Well, same car and exactly the same problem I even replaced the fuel filter as you did and it still dies while driving:( Did you buy a new car ? if not I'd like to hear what the solution was:) Cheers,
ANSWER by , May 23, 2011
more than likely its a crankshaft position sensor had repaired few accents with this problem.The car will turn over guddo but wont fire.If it was a prob with ur fuel pump she wudnt run at all or run very badly. you could try removing it and giving it a clean with wd40
ANSWER by , July 08, 2013
I had a very similar problem every so often it would start for like a week or so and then not start at all at first I thought it would be the starter motor but it couldn't be because it cranked then I thought it might be the spark plugs but it wasn't so I decided to change the crankshaft position sensor as this could prevent the car from starting worked fine then the problem came back. Anyway I traced it back to the cowling between the steering wheel and the dashboard and took it off to see if the previous owner had tried something stupid anyway they had cable tied the immobiliser key to the cowling next to the ignition when I was driving it sometimes it became loose causing it to move away from the ignition hence the not starting of the car in my opinion its either this or the crankshaft position sensor