car will start but dies when you push the gas pedal on 1996 Honda Civic

My Honda is a 1.6L and has been a pretty good car until here recently. I was pulling out onto a highway and the engine kinda bogged down a little, i pumped the gas pedal and it eventually took off with no problem. I was then drivng down the road about 15 minutes later and the engine bogged down again, cut off and i coasted to the side of the road. Now the car will start when you disconnect the air filter tube from the throttle body and cup you hand over the inlet just right....sounds wierd i know but it does help it start. After it starts it idles miss or jerk but when you push the gas pedal down about halfway it loses all throttle response and just dies. If i apply the gas real slowly you can rev it up as high as you want, but if you push the pedal down fast it dies. We have replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump. We belive it might be the throttle position sensor. If you have ANY advice please help thanks Phillip

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My 1997 1.6L Civic has contracted the same disease. It just started losing power after heading home from the post office and completely quit running at an intersection.
When I can get it started it will idle smoothly and it will slowly rev up as high as you want to take it but if you gas it fast it dies and won't start again (after it's warmed up). It can be revving up to 3000 rpm and if you punch it just dies immediately and won't recover.
The TPS checks out ok, varies from .5 volts to 4.6 volts when acutated. Could the oxygen sensor be causing this?
This problem actually turned out to be caused by a weak/sporadic spark. This was caused by a hole burn't thru the rotor insulation allowing the spark to jump to ground as engine conditions varied requiring a strong spark. After replacing the rotor and cap my mystery problem went away. Strange but true...r.g.
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I used to have a 91 Honda Prelude and it did the same thing. I had the O2 sensor replaced. Sometimes the problem it can be as small as a loose ground cable that connects to the engine. after those two repaires the car ran like new,