car will only run for a few seconds on 1990 Pontiac Grand Am

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my car will start but only stay running for a few seconds. on start up fuel injector shoots fuel once running injector does not work. i replaced oil sending unit and even the ecm and still the same results i also pulled the injector out and cranked engine fuel flows consistantly through. if i pour gas down throttle body car will run as long as i keep applying gas there were no trouble codes in computer. what else controls the fuel injector
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Do you have a scanner, not code reader but a scanner? Many possible reasons for this, ignition module, even though it will run when force feed, shorted/out of range tps, defective cts, crank sensor, fuel pump, need a scanner to view live data. Try unhooking some sensors then try it.
there was a scaner hooked up it is a snap on solus scanner there were no codes or anything abnormal present however i did also think it was the ignition mod there was another thing i did i unhooked the idle air control and it would back fire through throttle body. im not sure if this gives you anymore ideas on the problem. is there a way to test the ignition mod? and what it cts stand for? thank you for your time and efforts.
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