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2001 Chevrolet Impala Question: car will not start sometimes



waldok, 3.8L V6, Lansing, MI, April 09, 2009, 08:48

ok for a year now i have had this problem no one seems to be able to help me. i have had a new battery, replaced the BMC, put in a new switch and still have the same problem. everyone tells me i need to wait til it totaly quites and than tow it in and they can fix it.
the car will run great i love my car but sometimes when i turn it off an than get back in it later it will not start. everything on the car works but when you turn the key nothing no click just nothing. i wait about a half hour and the car will start just like nothing is wrong. help anyone please do i need to have the pass lock replaced what ever that is? could it be the remote lock on my key chain. please anyone i am totally stress out on getting stranded somewhere. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    April 17, 2009, 18:59

    Unless a shop can find any stored fault codes to go on, or they experience the problem, then it is a guessing game. These vehicles had problems with the fuel pumps, so maybe the shop can check the pump pressure and volume to see if it is showing signs of failure. They can also check the amperage draw on the pump to see if it is drawing more current than normal.

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    Visitor, July 12, 2010, 14:46

    I have the same problem with my CTS and I'm told if I can't get it to do at the shop they can't help, it started a couple of weeks ago it is now doing it more frequently and I noticed that it seems to me the car has to cool down before it starts. I tend to think it maybe the solenoid going bad on the starter. Let me know if you find the answer.

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