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2008 Dodge Magnum Question: Car will not start, no dash info/radio/air. Anti theft light comes on with keyin

I think it is bad key or WCM. key fob door lock key works (unlock never wiorked). I have tried disconnect car battery, re-seat IOD fuse, turn key to 'on' (not crank) and wait 30 sec for light to go off (never went off), turn key off/on 3 times for diagnostic code (no code). I have only one key, it was recently damaged, a bit of plastic broke off from the part that goes into the ignition. Note: Last week I was vacuuming my car with the radio on, and the battery died and needed a jump. Don't know if either or both of these problems are related. Please help or reccommend where to get help other than dealer. -
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