Car will not start has power on 1995 Cadillac Eldorado

engine does not turn over. lots of clicking

by in Denver, CO on March 02, 2013
0 answers
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car wont start,like the engine is not geting fuel.i replaced the fule pump,still wont start
when checking transmission fluid , fluid backflows out of resevoir tank
When I jump start the car it starts, but once I take the cables off it dies. I checked the battery and it was reading 12 volts and got the alternator checked and it was good as while.
my 2000 etc eldorado have power in the car evrything light up radio works etc... put a renwed battery in two weeks ago and it started up on the spot now thedang thing wont start at all HELP!!!
I can see a wire that is black loose and where i belive the starter is located the car will not start where woukd a ground wire for the starter be located and if i am on track about this wire where...

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