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2005 Chevrolet Cobalt Question: Car will not start after fuel pump replacement

I own a 2005 chevy cobalt. Recently i hit some debris on the hiway that damaged the fuel pump. and caused a check engine light wich was a short in the vapor emissions circuit. After replacing the pump the car will not start. nor do i have any fuel delivery. I suspect a problem elswhere due to the debris but where? -
Answer 1
Damaged wiring to the fuel pump. Gas gauge work ok? -
Comment 1
Fuel guage is working no damages to wiring that i can find. Replaced pump relay thinking that may be it. Nothing -
Comment 2
Did the car quit running when you ran over debris? At what point or when did the no start condition occur? -
Comment 3
It quit when i hit the debris. The fuel pump assembly was shattered ireplaced the entire assembly. -
Comment 4
Checked ALL fuses, now that's 'ALL' fuses? -
Comment 5
Yes all fuseswere checked. -
Comment 6
Well, you obviously have an open circuit to the pump, it is either a bad fuse, relay, wiring, ecm or ecm related. That is all i can tell you. I have a question, how did this "debris" shatter the pump module, considering it's location???? -
Comment 7
check for power going to the pump it could be a faulty fuel pump -
Comment 8
Cked pump with multimeter. Ok. Power across pum solenoid but no power to connector for the plugin for the pump. Pump fuze ok. New solenoid. Now what? -
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started about 3 months ago, stopped for a while started back, getting worst, replace gas cap and air filter, did not solve problem.