Car will not start on 2004 Lincoln LS

We've been experiencing a few issues recently with our 04' LS. Started with the check engine light, then the wrench looking light for ETC mode began to turn on, which we had to turn the car off, then turn back on. It happens frequently. Then yesterday, we had the car parked turned off, just usng the radio. When we tried to turn the car on, it would not. So we went and purchased a battery, which we had tested and was told it was no good. So we purchased a new battery assuming that was the problem. However after installing the new battery, the car would still not turn on! We are unsure as to what the issue is, any suggestions?

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You need to tow the car to a Lincoln or Ford specialist for a diagnosis.
Here's a directory link for you:
My husband checked the fuses this morning and found the one to the ignition was no good. He replaced it and it turned on! Hope this works!
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i have a 2000 lincoln doing the same thing just wondering were the fuse is my car has no book in it to show me thanks