Car will not start on 2000 Nissan Xterra

Car was left for a year without use and battery died. We replaced battery and engine would not start, alarm was going off like crazy until we figured out to put the key in the door to turn off alarm. Now alarm is off but car will not start. Just had it towed to a dealer and they are charging me 215 to try and figure out how to take the car out of "safe mode". I had it towed there because they are suppose to be the Nissan specialists... Any advice please so they do not take advantage of me.

by in El Paso, TX on December 27, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 25, 2012
Did you ever get this solved? I had a similar issue with the exact same vehicle and year.
COMMENT by on February 25, 2012
The dealer removed the alarm system and the car started right up again. They charged me 275 in total
COMMENT by on February 26, 2012
That is exactly what I did to mine and it worked fine. The dealership had installed a kill switch that somehow became faulty. Okay, well I thought just in case you hadn't figured it out that I would shed some light but too late.
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