Car will not start on 2000 Saturn LS2

Car will turn over, battery is good but will not start

by in Auburn, PA on January 25, 2011
0 answers
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when i try to turn my car on it will not start. sometimes it does. i have to wait at least an hour to restart it and then it will turn on again. there is no telling or warning of when it will shut ...
Changed the throttle body and still car wont start.
my car cranks great in the mornings, but I have noticed that after I have used it for awhile if I turn it off it seems to take around 30 minutes to restart. It makes a humming noise as well going d...
My car is acting funny! Earlier in the day while "parked" the car went silent. Tried to turn it over... The car "tried" to start but wouldn't. So, I thought it needed gas. My bf went to get gas, ca...
After the car is restarted it will run ruff and stall again.Then becomes a hard start

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