1997 Acura CL Q&A

1997 Acura CL Question: Car will not start

My Acura has been sitting for 15 months and I replaced the battery with a new one. Before I tow it to a garage is there anything I can try at home to get it going? -
Answer 1
Is it 'crank , no-start , or no-crank, no-start? Is the immobilizer light flashing? Need a little more info. -
Comment 1
crank, no start, and the immobilizer light does not flash. I notice nothing different under normal starting conditions other than the car not firing. -
Comment 2
Are you able to check for fuel or spark? Other thought , if it's been sitting for 15 months , any chance of rodent attacking wires under the hood? Good visual inspection under plastic covers , air filter housing, etc. might be worth it.Good luck. -
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