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2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Question: Car will not start.

My son's cavalier will suddenly not start. It was running just fine the night before and then the next morning the battery was dead. He tried to jump start it but nothing. Switched out the battery and then it would turn over perfectly but would not fire. I tried to use my OBD2 scan tool but it said it could not connect. They checked for spark at the plugs and nothing, checked for fuel pressure and nothing. Any help would be great. Thank you -
Answer 1
the common denominator with no spark, no fuel and no communication is the pcm. before you replace it, you should check the power and grounds first. the dead battery is puzzling. does the check engine light work?? when you jumped the battery, did you cross the cables?? Roy -
Comment 1
All the dash lights work, sometimes speratictly. Also, every once in a while there is the message in the odometer window that reads "ERROR" We did not cross the cables. -
Comment 2
did you check the power and grounds. it sounds like we are narrowing in on the pcm. Roy -
Comment 3
all the grounds that I can see seem to be ok -
Comment 4
the grounds need to be checked for voltage drop. the powers must have 12 volts. it sounds like you need some help from here on. let a shop help you out and diag it for you to be sure. then they can give you a bid. Roy -
Comment 5
thank you for your help. it sounds like you are right Thanks again -
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