Car will not start on 1993 Toyota Camry

Everything comes including the hrn radio, lights, etc, but car will not start and I had the timing belt change already. What can be the problem.

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Does the engine crank over and not start or just does not even make an attempt to crank or engage the starter? If the dash lights come on and you turn the ignition key to start and the starter just goes click or makes no noise at all, you could have in order of occurrence a low battery, bad battery connections, or bad starter solenoid,or starter. If the engine spins over when the starter is engaged but does not start it must be determined if the problem is fuel, spark or mechanical. Check the basics first check the engine oil and coolant level. Then a fuel pressure gauge needs to be placed in the fuel rail to verify fuel pressure and a spsrk tester used to verify spark. Electrically then the you can listen to the fuel injectors to see if they are "clicking"., if they are clicking at least the fuel injection/ignition is receiving basic inputs processing information and controlling outputs.
So hard to be more specific without being able to hear or experience the problem first hand.