car will not come out of park on 2004 Ford Taurus

can not start the car in park. I have to partially turn the key, shift to neutral and then start the car. If it is ever put in Park it will not shift out of park.

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step on the brake pedal and see if your brake lights are working, if they are, you need to diag the shift interlock solenoid, if they are not, check the connector at the brake switch, very common for the wires to break right at the connector, there are repair pigtails available at low cost.
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sounds like 2 issues. the not coming out of park could be a brake light switch or blown fuse.
not starting in park, there is a switch on top of the trans that controls the starting in park and neutral. it can be adjusted but should never come out of park.
get a shop to check it for you to confirm.