Car will die or try to when accelerate on 1998 BMW 740iL

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I have changed out the camshaft positioner, mass air sensor, fuel filter and now the fuel pump. Sometimes it runs ok but most of the time when I accelerate it dies or tries to and I have to restart the car. I'm getting anywhere from camshaft position code to multi-cylinders misfire to a specific cylinder misfire. It will start right back up but I noticed that it's worse sometimes under acceleration.
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You don't say how you've diagnosed the parts you've replaced. If your diagnostic system is to replace parts until you (hopefully) get lucky, you'd go broke as a mechanic.
i recommend you get a diagnosis from a Beemer specialist, it'll probably cost you an hour labor time but you could find out what's actually wrong.
If you want to check more some things, I'd say start with the ignition system. That's the first way I'd go.
If you want to find a BMW specialist, here's our directory link for you: