Car wash on 2011 Toyota Corolla

I have corolla 11, I just washed myself in coin car washing machine. Afterward I see a little scratch in my toyota. I think the brush is too rough. Is it not safe wash the car in coin wash car? Is it causing scratch use that machine? Anyone can suggest me to wash the car? For a little scratch anyone knows about the brand of chemical which can remove the little scracth without harming the paint body of the car. THank you very much.

by in Los Angeles, CA on May 30, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 30, 2011
Yes the scratches are caused by those darn car washes. Maguires make a very light polishing compound wax that will mellow out the scratches. Ask at an auto parts store or your local O'Rielly's/ Autoxone/Kragen's . A wash that uses a pressure washer is better (no brushes) or just wash down the gar with a garden hose and a bucket of car wash soap.
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