Car wants to start however will not on 1996 Mercedes-Benz C220

We checked the fuel pump that is not the problem. When it randomly starts it will die after a few moments of running. Sometimes the anti-theft lights flash this is also random. Car died while backing out of driveway. It had run a little rough very randomly acting like it was not getting gas however this would subside.

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I have had this problem before as well, it was the Anti-Theft system.

It would work after I got out of the car, locked the door, then unlocked it again (from the driver's side, NOT the trunk). Sounds kind of dumb, but it works every time.
wow... it worked
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You'll need to check the diagnostic codes, fuel pressure and delivery and the ignition at the spark plugs to determine what is causing this. It may also be related to the anti-theft system.
This is best left to a qualified Mercedes Technician, do you have a shop to take it to?
If not, look for a MB Dealer or a Bosch repair shop in your area.