car wants to start but doesnt on 1996 Acura TL

car wants to start but doesnt. is it the starter relay? i already replaced the distributor cap & rotor. And this problem only began when we had the stormy rainy weather in san jose CA, so it was freaking cold, but after trying 5 minutes to start, it did and had no problem driving all day long. This happened 3 times in the week when it was cold and then just finally it didnt want to start at all.

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There are many possibilities as to why a car wont start, and if you are going to replace parts until it's fixed, then you are doomed to waste a bunch of money. You might as well take that money and have a professional diagnose and repair this properly.
If you want to do this yourself, get a good repair manual and use the troubleshooting information to diagnose this.
Try or and you can have one in minutes, for less than $30.00.

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I had the same problem. bought IGNITON SWITCH from and put it in in about 25 minutes. acura wanted 295 to replace i did it for 60