car turns over, but no spark? on 1996 Acura Integra

i'm not gettin any power to the coil.....i checked for voltage on the blk and yellow wire coming from the car and i got nothing... any ideas of what can be the problem

by in Springfield, MA on April 22, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 22, 2009
At the distributor the black/yellow wire should have 12 volts (with the key in the ignition switch turned to the run position) powering the coil and ignition module. Check for this with the block connector at the distributor disconnected, red wire from your voltmeter attached to Black/Yellow wire, black wire of voltmeter to ground. If still doesn't show 12 volts, check the black/yellow wire at the ignition switch does it have 12 volts with the key in the run position. if not check for 12 volts at the White wire at the ignition switch. If no power at the ignition switch White wire the fuse box/relay box in the engine compartment has a white/black wire coming out of it that should show 12 volts. If not fuse link #39 a 50 Amp may be blown or the #41 , 100Amp main fuse link may be blown. You need to trace the ignition circuit and wiring from the coil back through the ignition switch and back to the battery until you find the fault.
COMMENT by on April 23, 2009
I just saw you posted a follow up question. You checked for power at the coil and have power with the key on. Reassemble every thing get a friend to crank over the engine while you check for spark at the spark plug wire (remove a spark plug wire where it attaches to any of the spark plugs) attach an old spark plug grounding the metal body of the spark plug with a jumper wire, do you now have high tension spark across the plug? if not the coil may be bad but further testing is needed. You say you don't hear the fuel pump run. There is a relay under the dash driver's side to the left of the fuse box, it receives cranking signal from the distributor closes contacts in the relay on engine cranking or engine running to keep power supplied to the fuel pump. These relays fail often. It is called a may relay or main PGMFI relay. Would love to know what you find to be the problem.
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