Car thinks drivers side door is open at all times on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

I am having a strange electrical issue. The car seems to think the drivers side door is open. The small light at the bottom of the door stays on at all times, and when I start the car I get the beeping sound as if the door was open. It has a sustained tone for a minute or so, then switches to beeping every second or so for a minute, then the beeping stops. However, the inside lights stay on (I have turned them all to off). Also, the door lock doesn't work anymore with the remote (I can still unlock the doors with the remote). Any ideas? I have begun taking the #14 fuse out when I am not in the car to make the light go out.

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I don't have an answer, but was wondering if you found a solution. My VW 2001 Jetta started doing the same thing tonight. Thanks for the tip on fuse #14.
Mine has been doing it now for a month - did anyone figure out the fix?
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The first thought on this is to check the driver's door adjustment, if the door is not closing properly this can happen. There is a switch that is part of the door latch,(to access it the door trim panel must be removed) and these switches go bad or the wiring can get pinched causing the symptoms you are experiencing, but before I went through all that, I would check the door adjustment. When closing the door slowly,(let the door contact the door striker then push the door closed with constant pressure) the latch should click twice, if you hear only one click and the door seems loose, adjustment is needed. If that is ok, you will need to remove the door trim panel and investigate the wiring and the latch condition.