car struggles to start after gasing up on 2007 Pontiac G5

I have a 2007 pontiac G5. The service engine light is on and we noticed whenever we gas up the car struggles to start. Every other time it starts fine. I tried to check the service engine but there was no power to the module to check the cars computer.

You must find a way to read the PCM code(s). Your 2007 G5 may still be under warranty, you could try your local dealer to have the codes read and the problem diagnosed. I find a service bulletin for intermittent hard starting caused by an intermittent fuel pump problem. You will need the fault code(s) stored in the pcm to begin to isolate the cause of your problem.
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There's device that controls the exhaust fumes flow and it is stuck on open it's a couple hundred to fix with parts and labor not too bad