car cuts OFF~ No fuel getting to the accelerator! on 1993 Cadillac DeVille

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Car cuts off while driving!PRELUDE To no fuel getting to the accelerator! happened 6 times in past two months. Was told and used GUMOUT in the fuel tank and it worked well.It was like a miracle that it appeared to solve the issue. One bottle per 81 gals. Now the bandaid solution requires a tournaquet. Too hot to be stopped in traffic here in VEGAS. I'm a woman alone and need someone I can trust to tell me true so I can keep my beautiful car running smoothly.
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If the car starts up after sitting and cooling off, then it is most likely an Ignition system problem, most likely a defective Ignition Module, which is common on GM of this era. As long as the car starts after say sitting for an hour, this is where I would focus my attention. There is a tiny chip in the module that fails when it gets hot after so many years. A new module for your car runs about $75 and takes about 1/2 hour to install.