Car starts then cuts off on 2005 Cadillac DeVille

My car starts run for about 1 minute the cuts off. When i try to restart it clicks by the side panel on the drivers side. It sound like it's a solenoid. Do anyone have a clue?

by in Alexandria, VA on August 06, 2014
0 answers
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the sensor tester pulled up 13 oxy sensor, 15 high, 17 cam shaft 2 RPM signal prob,18 poss blown fuel injector, 19 Ignition intermitten 7x or 58x or signal 6x,39 TCC circut fault,44 left side dual ...
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why is the car cutting off. It drove perfect ubtil he put gas in it.
battery died replaced battery now car wants to start but sounds like it is not getting fuel could fuse for fuel pump be blown and where is fuse located
the car was running good then just cut off when i made a turn i turned the ignition and it crank but didn't turn over.Then after a few tries my battery went dead.

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